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You are here. That’s awesome.

I am happy to have you as a visitor and welcome to my brand new personal website! This will also be my personal blog.

I am Bandela Mgoqi. Try to pronounce that”Mgoqi” surname – I hope you didn’t bite your tongue. A lot do unless you are speak one of the Nguni languages. It is a typical Xhosa surname.

I’ve developed this website because I want to connect with you, get acquainted to you, learn from you and build with you. The online world is a place full of strangers, pretenders, and fraudsters. I hope you’re not one of them.

But who is Bandela Mgoqi?

Great question.

I am an entrepreneur within the internet space, born and raised in the rural area of the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. I also know a thing or about drugs (both legal and illegal).

I am an extrovert. A fantast. Irreverent. Workaholic. Husband. Father…you name it.

I’ve founded Bandela Media (Pty) Ltd (which is part of the Bandela Group  (Pty) Ltd ) on my spare while having an 8+ hour job as a pharmacist. And that’s how I’ve funded those companies.

Bandela Media is a company that develops, owns and operates online divisions and platforms that help solopreneurs and small business owners build more sustainable businesses using the power of the internet.

Want more information about Bandela Media, then click here.

But why pharmacy and entrepreneurship?

It’s passion and profession.

Want more? Next week or two, I will be sharing my full story that has instigated the entrepreneur in me. If you are interested, keep checking this blog.

With this website, I am hoping to bridge the gap between you (the dreamer) and your destiny by sharing my experiences. I will be sharing my journey mainly as an entrepreneur: my failures, trials and tribulations, challenges, obstacles, exciting moments, experiments and more. With the hope that you learn a thing or two, implement it and build a business that you can point to one day and say “that is me – ngamandla wam lawa”.

That would just be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Without forgetting – a big thank you to my team at Chekmybiz (one of our division for website development and hosting) and Henry of Henry Dillon Photo & Video for the perfect images you see on this site.

SIDE NOTE: Henry was also my wedding photographer & videographer. If you in Eastern Cape, South Africa and looking for one, get in touch with him ASAP – He’s a master. You won’t regret.

To you reading this right now,

 “small dreams have no magic. Dream big dreams. The death of a dream is the day that you stop believing in the work it takes to get there”.

So what do you think of my new website? How can I improve it? Please leave your comment below and let me know what’s on your mind.



  1. Hi Bandela I’m Tamie Mzalazala from Clicks Regional Office. I used to contact you to assist us for locuming as pharmacist, how so you cope with a permanent job and be an entrepreneurship at the same time, I would also like to know more about this website, mybe it will help me to think out of the box not to focus on one thing

    • Hi Tamie, thank you for passing by. This is going to be my online diary on my journey as an entrepreneur. It is a lonely, tough, sometimes depressive and yet fascinating journey. I will mostly be sharing my current, upcoming projects and personal experiences. With the hope of motivating people like you to start their own businesses and create wealth for generations to come.

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