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Starting an online business is no child’s play…

Dear Dreamer,

I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say…

Starting an online business is no child’s play. It might seem easy…

But you need to put in the work. You need to be committed. You need to be patient. You also need to know what you are doing.

And to make matters worse…

It also takes years to master the skills you need to launch a successful online business. And there is just so much research, learning and planning that goes into getting the skills right.

And that’s not all…

There are many options to choose from.

Many tools to use. Many voices to listen to. Many courses to attend. Many Youtube videos to watch. Many articles to read.

That’s why most people who try to start an online business give up before they ever make any money.

Surely there is a better way, right?

Definitely, that’s precisely why I am here -to lend a helping hand and make things easier for you to launch your dream online business without wasting your precious time and money. And if you are ready, I’ve got ONE question for you…

Which Online Business Do You Want to Start?

Starting an online business can be daunting, but with my guidance, you’ll not only launch your venture but also start earning your first paycheck and beyond. Let’s dive into the exciting online business opportunities I can assist you with:



Imagine having your own platform where you can share your passion, expertise, and experiences with the world. Through blogging, you can build a loyal audience, monetize your content, and open doors to endless possibilities. I’ll help you craft compelling blog posts, attract advertisers, and create products or services that resonate with your readers.

online directory

Run an Online Directory

Imagine becoming the go-to resource in a specific industry or location. By building an online directory, you’ll connect businesses and individuals, providing valuable information and fostering fruitful connections. With my expertise, we’ll monetize your directory through paid listings, advertisements, and lead generation, ensuring both businesses and users find immense value in your platform.


Are you ready to leverage your skills and work on your own terms? As a freelancer, you can offer your expertise to clients worldwide and create a thriving business. From finding lucrative projects to negotiating contracts and delivering exceptional work, I’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll establish your online presence and unlock a world of freelancing opportunities.

Ecommerce web page

E-Commerce Store

Take a second and imagine running your very own online store, selling products that excite and satisfy customers worldwide. I’ll guide you through the process of setting up your store, optimizing product listings, implementing secure payment systems, and implementing marketing strategies that drive sales. Together, we’ll create an irresistible shopping experience.

multivendor online store

Multivendor Online Store

Join the booming world of online marketplaces and empower independent sellers to showcase their products. By creating a multivendor online store, you’ll curate a diverse range of offerings that captivate customers. With my guidance, we’ll create a seamless platform, attract sellers, and provide outstanding customer support, ensuring your marketplace thrives.

Who is Bandela M?

Bandela M is not just an ordinary online business coach; he is your dedicated partner in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. With his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the online business landscape, Bandela M brings a personalized approach to every client he works with. His passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs is evident in the way he walks alongside you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to the exhilarating moment when you receive your first paycheck and beyond.

Bandela M’s guidance is not only practical and strategic but also empowering and uplifting. He believes in the value of your dreams and is committed to unlocking your full potential. With Bandela M by your side, you can trust that you have a knowledgeable, supportive, and driven consultant who is truly invested in your success.

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Remember, this is not just about starting a business

it’s about creating a life of freedom, fulfillment, and financial success. With my personalized support and expertise, we’ll navigate the complexities of the online business landscape together. Are you ready to take the leap? Let’s make your online business dreams come true.

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